Temporary accommodation places


In addition to the activities of the Reception Point and the Central Collection Point, temporary accommodation has been prepared in MTP Poznań Expo halls and in the Arena Hall in Poznań.

Lodging houses for newcomers from Ukraine are managed by the Voivodship Office in Poznań with the support of social organisations − Caritas Poznań, PISOP and the In_Spire Foundation.

Almost 800 accommodation places have been created in halls 7 and 7A on MTP Poznań Expo fairgrounds. Another 700 are located in the ARENA entertainment and sports hall. In addition to accommodation, the facilities made available to refugees also include sanitary facilities, laundries, feeding and medical facilities, and play areas for children.

− Already on the first day of operation of accommodation places in the large-scale facilities of MTP Poznań Expo complex, all places were taken by people who decided to stay in Wielkopolska and are waiting for referral and transport to their destinations. Within 3 days, we launched the HWS Arena, in half a day we created a reception point and provided Hall No. 4. We know how to do it. Thank you for the great commitment of the employees of Grupa MTP − says Tomasz Kobierski, taking part in the opening of the accommodation point in Poznań’s Arena.

− When there is a pandemic or when there is war, MTP Poznań Expo is always a support for us and thank you that we can use your facilities. This is the role of municipal companies to act for the public good in such difficult situations − said Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań.