Action ‘A full backpack for a good start’


The In_Spire Foundation initiated the action ‘A full backpack for a good start’. The goal is to fund backpacks with equipment for Ukrainian children who start learning in Polish schools in Poznań and Wielkopolska Region.

Mothers with children fleeing the war from Ukraine thought primarily about protecting their and their family’s life and health − says Iwona Kasprzak, President of the Board of In_Spire − Now in Poland it turns out that they need many basic things to start a normal life. Such things are layettes for school children and we would like to provide them together with our partners − donors.

The Foundation invites companies that would like to financially support the action to cooperate. The goal is to buy backpacks with accessories, such as pencil cases, crayons, bags for sports shoes, notebooks and water bottles.

The action is under the patronage of and the monthly ‘Sukces po Poznańsku’